Get ready to turn your shower into a Spa experience...


BE Spa Tabs are a great, all natural way to infuse aroma into your shower.  Whether you're suffering from sinuses and want to open up a bit with our "Breathe" tab or, you want to relax with our Lavender "Tranquility" tab - we've got you covered!  Simply place one of the Spa Tabs in the rear of your shower and inhale the essence of the essential/fragrance oils, menthol & eucalyptus.


Our Spa Tabs come shrink wrapped to ensure freshness and quality. These tabs are great add-ons to our Spa Bundles and other body products - so add these to your cart too!


*For a Mini-Spa shower experience (5-10 mins), use 1 Spa Tab

*For a Full-Spa shower experience (10 mins or longer), we recommend 2 Spa Tabs


*Use caution when entering and exiting shower as surface may become slippery*


2oz tab



BE Spa Tabs

    • Breathe (Menthol Crystals & Eucalyptus)
    • Tranquility (Lavender Essential Oil & Lavender Flower Buds)
    • Heal  (A blend of Lemongrass and Spearmint Essential Oils)
    • Balance (Rose Geranium Essential Oil & Rose Petals)
    • Rejuvenate (Peppermint Essential Oil)
    • Restore (Pink Grapefruit Oil)
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