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In 2008, the passionate Healthcare professional and Entrepreneur, Demi Allmon, envisioned an organic solution to the pervasive skincare challenges. Born and raised in New Orleans, her mission was to help those battling skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. Demi noticed a gap in the market, a scarcity of naturally healing skincare products, and so, she brought her mission to life with the establishment of BElogic Natural Body Skincare.

BElogic started as a journey of love, aiming to help friends, family, and colleagues who struggled with various skin issues. After spending years researching natural ingredients and rigorously testing Body butters, Whipped Shea crèmes, and Handmade soaps in her kitchen, Demi achieved her vision: a skincare line packed with Vitamin E, Shea butter, and Essential oils that naturally nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.

By 2010, her carefully formulated products with proven results graced the shelves of Whole Foods Stores across Southwest Louisiana. The brand continued to make its mark online, reaching the corners of Southern United States and the Midwest. Today, BElogic is not just a brand; it's a philosophy celebrated in homes, online retail and wholesale.


BElogic stands for plant-based, holistic skincare solutions that enhance not just the skin's appearance, but overall well-being. We aim to enlighten and guide those seeking an escape from harsh, chemical-ridden skincare, introducing them to our natural body products, encouraging a more mindful and holistic approach to skincare.


At BElogic, we're committed to an "essentials-only" approach, crafting our products with only the finest, ethically sourced natural ingredients, opting for organic whenever feasible. Our products are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and use premium natural ingredients, ensuring the highest level of purity and quality. Our constant pursuit of innovation means we're always testing new products, seeking ways to better serve our customers, and doing so without resorting to harmful chemicals, animal testing, or unnecessary additives.

We hold three things above all else in the creation of BElogic's natural skincare products: the environment, human health, and animal welfare. We steadfastly uphold our promise to NEVER engage in animal testing at any stage of our production development. With BElogic, you're not just choosing a product, but joining a movement towards healthier skin, a healthier planet, and a healthier future.

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