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BElogic Natural Body Skincare line was established in 2008, by Demi Allmon, a native New Orleanian, Healthcare professional and Entrepreneur with a passion for providing natural products to bring healing relief to skin ailments and irritations. Recognizing a gross lack of natural skincare products on the market at the time (and within the medical community), that healed skin ailments, like eczema and psoriasis, she set out on an intentional journey to assist family, friends and colleagues who were dealing with a myriad of skincare issues -  thus BElogic Natural Body Skincare was born. 


After a couple years of researching natural ingredients and tirelessly testing handmade Body butters, Whipped Shea cremes and Handmade soaps in her home, the result was a skincare line of products rich in Vitamin E, Shea butter and Essential oils that heal and nourish the skin naturally. With a daring vision and proven products that had passed rigorous testing and evaluation, Demi launched the brand publicly in 2010, in Whole Foods Stores throughout all of Southwest Louisiana. From there, the brand became widely known, through its online presence, as well as in boutiques and spas across the Southern region of the United States and Chicago, in both wholesale and retail.


Our brand believes in plant-based formulas that improve both skin and quality of life. We strive to educate anyone who is seeking natural skincare in lieu of chemically laden skincare products and would like to assist you in making "the switch" to a more conscientious and holistic approach to caring for your skin with our natural body products.


Using an "only the essentials" approach to natural skincare, BElogic products are made with the highest quality natural ingredients, always consciously sourced, and organic whenever possible.

We deliver the most cost-effective environmentally conscious, premium natural ingredients available. All products are handmade to ensure the utmost in purity and quality. We are constantly testing new products to improve the lives of our customers without the use of harsh chemicals, animal testing and unnecessary ingredients.

When formulating BElogic natural skincare products, we consider the environment, people's health and animals. These three things are top priority.  We pledge to NEVER test on animals at any stage of our production development.

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